What is Cliqki?
Every thing you need to know about Cliqki and how to use the platform.

What is Cliqki?

Cliqki is a digital influencing community/platform, where
Users get paid
for sharing content and having peers and followers click on shared content.
Advertisers/content creators/business owners get to promote their products on a cross-channel basis, at more affordable rates and to a much larger segmented audience.

When was Cliqki founded?

The Beta version of the Website was launched
on April 18, 2021

What locations does Cliqki operate from?

Cliqki operates primarily from the United States, with offices in Nigeria

Is Cliqki legit?

Yes, Cliqki is a registered product under Cliqki Technologies Incorporated.

How do I verify this Platform is real?

With over 20,000 community members and users, currently growing at a rapid rate, we are very active on all our social media channels, @cliqki, and available to answer or resolve any of your complaints via [email protected]
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